March 2008

Hmmm..where to start? First of all appeared a little bug on the destktop configuration of KDE4, where every time I tried to change the wallpaper it was changed to a white background. So i thought maybe updating KDE to a newer version will resolve the issue. And here i go to Yast package manager and ..Another bug where the updater repository checking seemed blocked over the packman repositories,and thus no possible updates. It took me some time to find the repositories configuration files that were in “/root/etc/zypp/repos.d”,and then changed to another packman mirror so i could make the update.That resolved the little bug, but a few options are still missing in the slide show mode where we can’t find a way to position the wallpaper.But that will probably be solved in the next updates 😉



Well a least for me, today I tried to install the drivers via yast.I got a max resolution of 800*640 instead of 1024*786.


I resolved the issue typing the sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx.I was happy for a brief moment because the glx gears showed : 60 FPS,and no 3D capabilities.In the xorg.conf I got fglrx as driver and dri is on the section module.At this point thers nothing I can do.Starting the Xmoto game will show a black screen.(I’ve got a x550 GC by the way).

If there is a way to help me that would be great .

Hi everybody,everyone that’s reading this blog ^_^ .I’ve made this blog in the purpose of interacting with others that shares the same interests as i do.I’m new in the world of blogging, so this blog might look a little basic at first, I’m counting on your feed back to make it a better one. Now about myself ..I’m in the process of learning computer science, so it’s obvious that I’m going to discuss matter related to that.Also i use Linux as OS, precisely Opensuse 10.3. I do love astronomy, sport and lot of other stuff.

See you in my next post 🙂