Hi it’s been a while since my last post, sorry about that.I’ve been busy with my studies and trying to joing an open source project. Google summer of code made me realize how fast i should improve my skills and knowledge in programming. As for now I’ve joined GIT mailing list and I’m watching how things goes and hope to be able to help with something in the near future.

Well about the title of this post, I was having some problem with matrix in C language and i always got the message Memory segment ion error or something like that and i was trying to find where i was wrong. And i found gdb, a nice debugger. At first you should execute gcc with -g option so gdb could do it’s work properly for exemple gcc -g matrix.c -o matrix and after compilation do gdb matrix this will prompt you to gdb type run to run the program into debugging mode.I hope that this will be helpful if you are used to compile with gcc and need a debugger.