Greetings 🙂

It’s been a while since my last post, I will try from now on to post more often.As you can guess this post is about OpenSuse 11.

It’s been two days since i did installed it and I must say that I’m really satisfied .Pratically I didn’t have to configure anything . The install phase went fast, my linux partition was perfectly recognised. I did choose the paquages that I needed .Et voila . The one click install for the ATI Driver and the multimedia codecs  went smoothly, so no more problemes with the Ati fglrx driver .

But that does not end at that, the other impressive thing is the speed, it’s much more speedy than the 10.2, at least on my P.C. By the way I used the KDE 4 Desktop so the experience will probably be greater when the 4.1 version will come out, somwhere in july it seems.