Hello everyone,

When writing the last post I barely imagined that it would reach more than 100 views. I was really surprised. The source of this giant leap is a referrer tuxmachine.org. That was awesome, I’m really glad and thankful. Beside that I decided to give a new look to the blog. The work I did was on the header, I’m not a designer so that’s my limit 😉 .

Other thing I started learning the Qt framework It’s really amazing .I started learning it because I wanted to practice my c++.My choice was made  because it’s free for an open source use ( must be purchased if planning to sell product) and because the source code written is platform independent , there is only the need to recompile on the specific supported platform ( Linux, Mac or Windows) . The image bellow shows how the framework is organized.

I used this site called http://www.siteduzero.com/ .It’s a really nice site i recommend it for everyone that can read french and wants to start learning c , c++ or java etc .The official documentation is also great .