July 2008

Yeah I got my hands on the new KDE desktop version 🙂 How I did well ? quiet simply and easly  by clicking :

It’s from the OpenSuse 11 site so I don’t know if it works for other distribution (I didn’t take time to learn about it :p ) Anyways, if it works for other distros  than OpenSuse please let me know 🙂 . Other than that, the change from the last official version for the end users are great. The hole experience is great. Now the plasma engine works smoothly . Strange thing I’ve noticed a huge leap in the 3D performance, I’m using the ATI propriatary driver by the way and it works fine. The compositing effects that comes with KDE4 have also seen their performace increased ( Is it related to the fact that all the 3D acceleration has been more effective ?). By the way if you want to install new widgets it’s been made a lot more easy.You just have to click install new Widgets and that’s it.I don’t know why but after the install the new widgets don’t come up in the list, quiet sad. Anyways the installation of new features has been made easy for the hole Desktop , like the splach screen, the icons the emoticons the colors, and surely I forgot some.

By the way I noticed the nepomuck wich comes with strigi, you can find it in the system setting in the advanced tab.

This features allow tagging and rating files as well as semantically searching files. Quiet a nice feature 🙂


Yesterday I tought of adding emoticons to pidgin, the onion head ones .So this is how I did .

Go to this directory /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/emotes.

Should be logged in as root so you can add a folder to this directory, in this case I named it onion .

Put your emoticons in here ( The folder you’ve just created ).

Create a text file called theme in the same folder .

Now go back to the parent directory and open one existing folder for exemple the Tango folder .

Copy and paste the contents of the theme text file in the Tango folder in your own theme file.

Tweak it ( your theme file ) According to your own emoticons name and your own shortcut

Here is the exemple of my theme file .



shy.gif O:)

sol.gif -_-

study.png o_o

bye.gif bye

onion added

onion added

You can notice that the icon showed in this window is ” Icon=sol.gif ” from the theme file .

I hope this will help you getting you favorite emoticons into Pidgin.

By the way here is a site were you can find a lot of stuff about the onion head :


Update : It’s sad but it seems that even tought the onion emoticons are properly added when sent only text is visible for the receiver. I’ll try to figure out a solution If that’s is possible. If it worked out for you please leave a comment. And I apologize for the ones that are or were disapointed by this little first how to . I’ll try to make it up .

KDE 4.0 Released

It seems that KDE4.1 has been set to release on the 29th of July. As they mention on the site this date is subject to revision. I hope they will get it in time so I can enjoy this Desktop Environment . Here is the complete schedules as mentionned on the site as I’m writting these lines .

July 8th, 2008: Artwork and Bindings Freeze

All artwork is frozen on this date. No new artwork should be added. Existing artwork can continue to be tweaked and fixed.

No new additions to the language bindings, except optional bindings as permitting by the kde-bindings team.

July 8th, 2008: Tag KDE 4.1 RC 1

Trunk is frozen for RC 1 release tagging. Only urgent fixes, such as those fixing compilation errors, should be committed.

July 15th, 2008: Release KDE 4.1 RC 1

RC 1 becomes available for general consumption. Incoming bugs will be reviewed for their severity. Additional release candidates will be created as needed.

July 22nd, 2008: Tag KDE 4.1

Assuming there is only one release candidate, trunk is frozen for KDE 4.1 tagging. Only urgent fixes, such as those fixing compilation errors, should be committed.

July 29th, 2008: Release KDE 4.1

KDE 4.1 becomes available for general consumption.

Well ,well , and another well,

It’s been a week and some time since I started learning QT 4, and again I must say that I’m not disappointed. The thing is I’ve been using it without an IDE since it doesn’t have an official one . It’s not a problem though. I searched for an IDE and i found this one, it’s called Monkey Studios Monkey Studios Header page

It’s a cross-platform IDE, and supports a plugins system to expend it’s functionnality .For me I downloaded the monkeystudio_1.8.2.0+svn2110.src.zip Mirror package.To compile and installed I followed what is written in the readme.txt file and it went perfect. Then i retrieved the Binary file form /usr/local/bin and it worked fine .

I’m currently in the process of writting a c++ GUI application using Qt as a GUI programming interface. I’m not sure to use Monkey studios right away but for sure I’m gonna use it and give feedback to the team developing it.

Bellow are screen shots of Monkey studios :

Main interface and cpp plugin

main window cpp plugin

And some sites :