Well ,well , and another well,

It’s been a week and some time since I started learning QT 4, and again I must say that I’m not disappointed. The thing is I’ve been using it without an IDE since it doesn’t have an official one . It’s not a problem though. I searched for an IDE and i found this one, it’s called Monkey Studios Monkey Studios Header page

It’s a cross-platform IDE, and supports a plugins system to expend it’s functionnality .For me I downloaded the monkeystudio_1.8.2.0+svn2110.src.zip Mirror package.To compile and installed I followed what is written in the readme.txt file and it went perfect. Then i retrieved the Binary file form /usr/local/bin and it worked fine .

I’m currently in the process of writting a c++ GUI application using Qt as a GUI programming interface. I’m not sure to use Monkey studios right away but for sure I’m gonna use it and give feedback to the team developing it.

Bellow are screen shots of Monkey studios :

Main interface and cpp plugin

main window cpp plugin

And some sites :