Yesterday I tought of adding emoticons to pidgin, the onion head ones .So this is how I did .

Go to this directory /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/emotes.

Should be logged in as root so you can add a folder to this directory, in this case I named it onion .

Put your emoticons in here ( The folder you’ve just created ).

Create a text file called theme in the same folder .

Now go back to the parent directory and open one existing folder for exemple the Tango folder .

Copy and paste the contents of the theme text file in the Tango folder in your own theme file.

Tweak it ( your theme file ) According to your own emoticons name and your own shortcut

Here is the exemple of my theme file .



shy.gif O:)

sol.gif -_-

study.png o_o

bye.gif bye

onion added

onion added

You can notice that the icon showed in this window is ” Icon=sol.gif ” from the theme file .

I hope this will help you getting you favorite emoticons into Pidgin.

By the way here is a site were you can find a lot of stuff about the onion head :

Update : It’s sad but it seems that even tought the onion emoticons are properly added when sent only text is visible for the receiver. I’ll try to figure out a solution If that’s is possible. If it worked out for you please leave a comment. And I apologize for the ones that are or were disapointed by this little first how to . I’ll try to make it up .