Yeah I got my hands on the new KDE desktop version 🙂 How I did well ? quiet simply and easly  by clicking :

It’s from the OpenSuse 11 site so I don’t know if it works for other distribution (I didn’t take time to learn about it :p ) Anyways, if it works for other distros  than OpenSuse please let me know 🙂 . Other than that, the change from the last official version for the end users are great. The hole experience is great. Now the plasma engine works smoothly . Strange thing I’ve noticed a huge leap in the 3D performance, I’m using the ATI propriatary driver by the way and it works fine. The compositing effects that comes with KDE4 have also seen their performace increased ( Is it related to the fact that all the 3D acceleration has been more effective ?). By the way if you want to install new widgets it’s been made a lot more easy.You just have to click install new Widgets and that’s it.I don’t know why but after the install the new widgets don’t come up in the list, quiet sad. Anyways the installation of new features has been made easy for the hole Desktop , like the splach screen, the icons the emoticons the colors, and surely I forgot some.

By the way I noticed the nepomuck wich comes with strigi, you can find it in the system setting in the advanced tab.

This features allow tagging and rating files as well as semantically searching files. Quiet a nice feature 🙂