Non classé

Last months have been very hard making the shift from Tunisia to Montréal. I’ve got myself installed now having some problems with the college, but I hope to get it all figured out by the time. I’m learning more about programming and I hope in a two to three month to build a little portofolio with all my projects.
I’ll get this blog updated more often since I’m now settled.
By the way I Created a tumblr page wich is here :


Actually in this period I’m doing an intership, it’s part of my studies. The good thing is that I’m learnig a lot of things, Not open source thought. I’m focused on LINQ, Entity frameworks and sharpening my Object Oriented programming skills.
I hope to write some thoughts about open source soon 🙂

Hi, I just wanna wish a happy birthday to a close friend of mine 🙂 So happy 20th birthday