Hi all ,

I was checking mikeshinoda.com ( He’s in Linkin Park ), and it looks that he got his hand on Protools 8. The amazing thing is that he showed some of it’s feature and actually made an instrumental with it. Rob Bourdon(the band’s drummer) participated in it.

So, if you are a ProTool user or LinkinPark fan, head over to mikeshinoda.com .


Here is a nice article that I wanted to share with you : ->>>LINK<<<<- . It’s about Optimizing your C code. I guess you can apply it  to other programming language also.

(Two posts the same day after more than a month of nothing (O_O) )

Hi again;

It’s been more than a month since I made my last post. I’m sorry about that. But quiet strange the way I’m posting throught this blog is reflecting, somehow, my life. Anyways, I’d like to say that I’ll try and make some more posts. What will be interesting for me is to write some article-like posts. It will be good practice for my english writing.

On the Open source side of things. I heard that Fedora 10 and the new Ubuntu are out .  I would have loved to try them out but I don’t have that much download speed. It will cost me more or less two weeks to download the DVD version of each distros. I’ll try Open Suse 11.1 though. Why I’m I waiting for it ? Because it will be shiped by default with the next Amarok :).

Also a fact to mention, I didn’t practiced my Qt programming in a while. I’m workng right now with on a little project with .net and C# and I’ll rewrite it with Qt and C++.

That’s all for now, untill the next post then 😉

I would like to congratulate three of my friends Achref  Armel, and Regis for their achivments, they did  a great job, again congratulations my friends 😀

The first sum-up news,the number one 🙂 This is planned to be a weekly post to sum up what’s been up during the week, major and less major facts (infact :D). So let’s start :

This week the Gnome 2.24 has been released. Updates and improvements has been made all over to make the end user experience even much more pleasent here are some of the major improvements :

  • Inclusion of Telepathy a new instant messaging software
  • A tracking time panel application
  • Ekiga 3.0
  • Improvement in file managing which sees the appearance of the compact view and tabbed mode
  • More dekbar plugins ! :Google Search, yahoo! and  wikipedia suggestion , a calculator, twitter and identi.ca
  • Better didgital T.V.
  • New screen resolution control , new sound theme and new Wallpapers added

For a more details you can head over the official release announcement .

On the same subject a vague road map has appeared to a Gnome 3.0 release date.

This week and last week  seemed to be the week of Betas and Alphas, as major distribtions just made the release of them:

Also there is the fact that the gentoo team changed their release sheudle due to lack of manpower so if you think you can help them just head over there 🙂

And last but not least the release of gOS3 gadgets. It’s an Ubuntu based distros aimed for the Netbooks and the web 2.0 .

Another fact is the the announcement of an upcoming blender gamekit 2nd edition from the YoFrankie Game blog

From the Hardware side it seems that Android is getting nearer to a release and there is a nice Buzz around it.

A good news for the Linux WiFi users is the release of Atheros HAL under Free Software License You can check out the news here. or here.

That’s it for this week. I know that this doesn’t sum up all the news and surely I did missed some important ones, you can state them in the comments, that would be nice. I’m open for suggestion to make this better, nd in the next week I’ll put a more complete one, I do hope so .

It’s been a while without a post… 😦 I don’t want to post just for the sake of it. With this blog I wanted, and I still want to share with other people what I like, discover from them and vice versa. As the title of the post assume it seems that I don’t have  that much “free-time” anymore.So I decided to organize my work. By doing so, I will let this blog be  dealing with the open-source world and my other hobbies. And on the other side, I’m actually putting up another blog/web-site for my “professional” projects. That said, I’m going to post weekly a little recap about the most important news in the open-source world (of course important is relative to me :p) . With this I hope to keep this blog up for a little while.

Till the next post then 🙂

Hi everyone , I’m passing by as fast as I can (If there were some kind of Dopler effect you would have noticed it ).

Anyways here is a link to a site called ICS Network . What’s special about it is that it holds interesting Qt ressources. Under the Learning Center tab you can find Video tutorials and white papers , seminar and trainig courses you can attend depending on where you live on this planet .

Hope this will be helpful to you as it has been to me.