Hmm while I was trying to find out about why not all the emoticons sent in Pidgin (even the official Tango theme) or Kopete, I found out an easy way to add emoticons in KDE. The thing is that it works for kopete only it seems .

Go to the personal settings

personal setting

personal setting

Then head over to the apperance, and from there to the emoticon tab .

adding new emoticons set

adding new emoticons set

After that click the add new themes button and you will be connected to emoticons .You can choose your favorite ones and install them easly. Or you can install from a downloaded file on make your own. I did choose the onion-head ones from the emoticons .

Now go ahead to the kopete configure pannel as shown below:

Kopete configuration menu

Kopete configuration menu

As you can see the theme has been added, now enjoy your new emoticons 😉


Yesterday I tought of adding emoticons to pidgin, the onion head ones .So this is how I did .

Go to this directory /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/emotes.

Should be logged in as root so you can add a folder to this directory, in this case I named it onion .

Put your emoticons in here ( The folder you’ve just created ).

Create a text file called theme in the same folder .

Now go back to the parent directory and open one existing folder for exemple the Tango folder .

Copy and paste the contents of the theme text file in the Tango folder in your own theme file.

Tweak it ( your theme file ) According to your own emoticons name and your own shortcut

Here is the exemple of my theme file .



shy.gif O:)

sol.gif -_-

study.png o_o

bye.gif bye

onion added

onion added

You can notice that the icon showed in this window is ” Icon=sol.gif ” from the theme file .

I hope this will help you getting you favorite emoticons into Pidgin.

By the way here is a site were you can find a lot of stuff about the onion head :

Update : It’s sad but it seems that even tought the onion emoticons are properly added when sent only text is visible for the receiver. I’ll try to figure out a solution If that’s is possible. If it worked out for you please leave a comment. And I apologize for the ones that are or were disapointed by this little first how to . I’ll try to make it up .