These two linux distros are more friendly user than other distros .This doesn’t mean that other distros aren’t friendly user but these are more.Both distros are live-cd or live-dvd with the possibility to install on hard drive 🙂 .

The first look will be for the linux mint distro. It’s based upon Ubuntu and what makes it a special distros is of course that it’s more friendly user than ubuntu. Mint Linux is available in different graphical environment such as KDE, Gnome, XFCE, FluxBox as you can see in the scree-shot below .

What is special about this distros is that they provide utilities that helps making the end user experience more comfortable by adding utilities that helps the users to configure their systems easly such as MintDesktop , Mintupdate and MintInstall . You can get more info from their web site and if you want check this PDF manual guide for Mint .

The sabayon distros is based upon gentoo linux distro, the special thing ubout this distros is that it comes already with software packages that aren’t usually per default installed like skype google earth and a bunch of games  drivers, and the required media codecs . It’s desktop experience isn’t that great like mint but it’s got it’s own flavor, it just my personal opinion. About the live-dvd it is really intersting since you can boot with different option like anonymous web surfing or media center such as geexbox .If you want a complete distros out of the box without the need to install any additional software this distro is what you need . Here is a link to get more informations about this distro .

Be sure to check out these two great linux distribution 😉 .