Well here I am again, it’s been a hole week without a post. I feel sorry about that T_T ( been kinda busy with lot of stuff ). So what else ? Well wondering around the web I found some very intersting Linux media center distros and apps here is a little list , some projects are still young but if you have time give them a try 🙂

For first : GeexBox it’s a pretty nice media center distros that comes out in live-cd and can be installed on the hard driver as well on usb key, I tried this one about 2 years ago and I was satisfied. I’m gonna suerly give it a try sometimes soon. Here is the official descritption a pretty long one that defines somehow a media center distros :

GeeXboX is a free embedded Linux distribution which aims at turning your computer into a so called HTPC (Home Theater PC) or Media Center. Being a standalone LiveCD-based distribution, it’s a ready to boot operating system than works on any Pentium-class x86 computer or PowerPC Macintosh, implying no software requirement. You can even use it on a diskless computer, the whole system being loaded in RAM.

Despite his tiny ISO image size, the distribution comes with a complete and automatic hardware detection, not requiring any driver to be added. It supports playback of nearly any kind of audio/video and image files and all known codecs and containers are shipped in, allowing playing them through various physical supports, either being CD, DVD, HDD, LAN or Internet.

GeeXboX also comes with a complete toolchain that allows developers adding easily extra packages and features but that might also be used to give birth to many dedicated embedded Linux systems.

Then we have Linux MCE, this is the official description as it comes in the main page :

LinuxMCE is a free, open source add-on to Kubuntu including a 10′ UI, complete whole-house media solution with pvr + distributed media, and the most advanced smarthome solution available. It is stable, easy to use, and requires no knowledge of Linux and only basic computer skills.

Another linux media center is Elisa as the previous one here how they officially describe it :

Elisa is an open source cross-platform media center connecting the Internet to an all-in-one media player.They have a pretty nice web site 🙂

The next one is XBMC, it is a multiplatform and what is special about it is that it comes for XBOX as well, again the official description :

XBMC is your one stop shop for all your media. Be it music, videos, pictures, streams, online radio or optical discs, XBMC can handle it and manage it for you and best of all, it’s free!

I hope this will be helpful for you if you’re looking at making a media center system 🙂