The title says it all so no more waiting let the drum rolls:

At first a very nice blog if you look for something interesting go ahead you won’t regret it .

Then we have this one a linux blogs listing you will find great blogs over there .

And other two blog for Apple fanboys or fangirls : one and two they are pretty nice .

Another one ? Ok here is a site for all Japanese technology fans its called Akihabaranews after The famous Tokyo District known for it’s … well if you want to buy some good new technology stuff there you should go .

Hmm ok ok I’ll give you another one : a blog of a french that lives in Japan he actually founded a family and works there as a Photograph Journalist . He does works for the Akihabaranews sites and others Check it out , By the way it’s in french , but check it out anyways you got to love the photogaphic skills of the author .

And the last one will be : It’s a great linux web site news blogs and forum and other nice stuff.

That’s it for this session hope you enjoy 🙂 .